Sunday, August 30, 2009


Been meaning to upload this one for a long while. A kid actually requested Left 4 Dead. Incredible. Sadly I never got a Team Fortress 2 request though I did sneak the Scout into a few baseball drawings and a few other characters elsewhere.

The little girl on the right wanted to be in a submarine. I took it one step further. This is also probably the most bizarrre Shamu I've ever drawn - I wanted it to look like a Sea of Monsters creature. Also note the fab 4 in the windows of the sub.

Beasted this one for fun and it turned out cool

Always meant to draw a muscleman beachbabe scene like this but never got around to it. I dig it. Also this nice couple bought a frame for it.

This kid was overly concerned with looking badass for his muscle drawing. He even wanted to be drawn with spikey hair though I insisted he keep his hat, since it looked awesome. He wanted skulls on his swim trunks too. Anyway with the shark in the background this looks almost like a 'after' picture to his brother's (see below) 'before.'

His brother requested himself punching a shark. I've actually gotten a 'kung fu kicking a shark' request before too. Anyway he wanted a muscleman body as well. As you can see since he asked to be doing an uppercut, I couldn't help but make it the classic street fighter 4 move - the SharkYouken! Originally he even wanted blue shorts but I told him (without telling him why) that for the idea I have it has to be either red or white shorts. (Ryu or Ken obviously.) He chose Ken, of course.
*Sniff* this drawing makes me sad though because it's literally the last one for me this season. Bye bye, sea world! Bye bye, Kamans! It's been a blast!

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