Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A week's labor in storyboards

Well it's been forever since I've updated, and I've decided to start archiving some of my recent student work here. Over this past week I have fleshed out and boarded 2 entire story ideas which I will be presenting tomorrow for my Directing For Animators class.
Here's the three boards as they are at the moment. I took photos of all the panels and my notes on them as you will see below.
First up is THE HENCH - an action fantasy slapstick comedy

Next up is Ossuary Tango, a tragic expressionistic story about a boy trying to reunite with his dead girlfriend.

Here's room 12 where I do most of my work after hours. The table is spread with the refuse of my storyboarding.
Classmate caricatures in the upper left of the image below.

Some art supplies in the image above.
Some random stundent storyboards - I won't mention his name out of courtesy for privacy.
The Gnomon storyboarding DVD playing while I was working so I could absorb it through osmosis. That's my portable hard drive on the table and some animation downshooters back there.
Student film posters and a Glen Keane drawing he gifted the school. Some similar stuff below here too.
Some rather stunning student work.

Student doodles on the wall whiteboard.
One of many Bill Peet storyboards on the wall on the left, and some more student work on the right. More student work below.

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