Sunday, August 16, 2009


Jazzing up an otherwise boring Shamu is quite fun. I seem to be heading on a more quasi-real shamu lately though.

This family wanted Han Solo and a blowfish. Yeah. I don't know either. But it turned out fun in any case.
The same family who got the Han Solo Blowfish also asked for a World Of Warcraft drawing. Boy was I stoked. Here's a blood elf mage and a human death knight.

Jazzing up a 'draw us on a shark' request. Teehee.

A triple request for golfing. The girls each wanted their own specifica action - swinging a club, drinking, and driving a golf cart. I was happy to oblige.

While running down a little list of request ideas the boy here pounced on 'monsters.' When I asked him what monster I listed several, incuding 'mummy' - which he chose. His parents wanted a shark, however - so they came to a compromise. I think it turned out plenty funny. Lovin' that shark.

The woman on the right had an epic hat. Also readers will notice a strong resemblence to a particular character.

This is my first green lantern drawing. Also this family waited patiently for ME to draw them after seeing me do my stuff. They even bought a frame, the dolls.

Fast fun & loose spidey. I love how the face turned out.

Jazzing up a 'draw us at the beach' request. I wanted to just plain make them look goofy. Somehow it seemed appropriate to do what I did to the girl's arm on the right.

This drawing isn't that great but it's my first Storm request.

This one just feels solid overall. Personally I think it's my best Shamu drawing to date.


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