Monday, August 10, 2009

Other drawings from further up the week

These drawings are all from various random points in the last week.

I can't draw vehicles. At all. I stink at them. I have no sense of mechanics. So I improvise by drawing cartoony shapes with cool flow to them in the general 'idea' of how I remember a vehicle looks. This drawing is probably the best vehicle I've drawn. Also note the tron lightcycle - a joke lost on the nice customers who bought a matte.

I fucking love the shit out of this drawing.

A girl who wanted to be drawn 'in a movie theater.' So I based this on a Charles Adams cartoon I love. (Creator of the Adams Family.) Note the zombie film onscreen.

This is probably the most nauseatingly cute thing I've drawn.

The baby looks like flapjack.

Once I had a girl who wanted to be drawn in the supermarket. This was before I was hitting my drawing stride so I did her very plainly pushing a cart since it was a weird enough idea on its own. More recently I idly mentioned this subject when running down random ideas for an undecided guest - she immediately siezed on it. "DO THAT!" And so I did. Except this time, I had fun like hell with it.


This guy had a nice bald noggin. I suggested they get drawn as Lex Luthor & Supergirl. Multiple times. They finally caved in to me, and were glad they did.

Lil' kid was a huge fan of Venom. I was happy to oblige. The family even bought a large frame. Also the kid got his face painted as venom complete with teeth and pink tongue.

I hope I do more like this one.

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