Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The devil made me do it.

Man, today was TERRIBLE sales-wise. I didn't even sell any frames. However, drawing wise, I felt great.

This was the drawing where I hit my stride. Here's an example of where I try to take a typically boring request subject - in this case, dolphin - and try to jazz it up a bit. In this case by warping the background.

Like the dolphin, here's me trying to jazz up the boring & typical mermaid request a little bit.

A softball catcher request. Yes, that batter is getting sliced in half.

More jazzing up of the boring and typical. This family suggested soccer then suggested shamu. I decided to combine the two. I also love how this particular Shamu turned out.

Batman is not and never should be boring. Unfortunately I have done a lot of boring batman drawings and seen boring ones done by others. Here's my attempt at re-enacting one of my favorite scenes from Dark Knight - the skyhook.

I wish I photographed this girl. She had an amazing hat. I really love how this one turned out too and would love to have a side by side comparison for it. Also, she requested to be with her Chihuahua for the picture.

I think this is my first real successful attempt at jazzing up a 'boring' subject. Making a muscle man and beach babe into...well...this. I'd be lying if I said I didn't have fun making this drawing.

This nice couple asked me to draw them face-only. I wish more people would do that. Gives me an excellent opportunity...

...To do stuff like this.

Such a pretty angel.

Old scratch ends a devilish day.

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