Monday, August 10, 2009

First post! Sea World San Diego Caricatures

Welcome to my blog. Here are some pictures of caricatures I did yesterday. It was a terrible sales day but I was in a great mood having come from having fun in Burbank and Hollywood the day before. I think that came through in my drawings.

Hands-down my favorite drawing from yesterday. A nice old lady sat for me after other members of her family got one from me (see the kid and mother surfing below) and I really pushed myself to make it fun. The only thing I am unsatisfied with in this drawing is the clumsy shape of the red lifeguard cross on the board.

Boy howdy. This was done later in the day after the other polar bear further down in this post. I think I figured out how to make polar bears non-boring. I think I could have done a better job coloring the face though but ah well.

This was fun - I just wish I'd been smoother with the colors. A girl and her family who waited patiently for me in line wanted her surfing with her miniature pincher (they supplied some pictures) so I decided to draw something I hadn't done before. I like it and it has a great compositional flow to it, but when I do it again I'm going to simplify the coloring.

The girls here said they wanted to be in a jungle with tigers and all - this is what I came up with. I'm a little unsatisfied with the caricature of the girl on the left - I don't think I got her head shape right. I nailed the other one though. Unfortunately the girl actually talked her parents out of buying a frame, but oh well - it had been a slow day.

Another highly highly highly rambunctious kid. The Ma wanted her and her kid to be surfing, so I had fun with her pose. I decided to reflect the personality of the kid in the pose, and with a shark. Maybe in a future drawing I could add something involving a chomped-up surfboard in the shark's mouth or a bite taken out of the surfboard next to him. Also I had fun jacking up the heads a bit - especially bringing down the kid's eyes to his nose.

This is roughly how I've been drawing sharks lately, particularly when I get a rambunctious kid like this lil' devil who refused to sit still. Not that it matters much to me. When I'm feeling confident someone moving their head around the place lets me insert expression I wouldn't get in a static straight-on.

Polar bears (and a few other things) are to me the most boring vanilla subject for kids to get drawn in. So I used it as an opportunity to experiment with a different style. It turned out fun though the composition is kind of crammed to the left. Oh and this family loved it and bought a small frame.

I labored over this one more than necessary. The couple loved it and bought a large frame.

This guy was reluctant and unenthused, but his family loved it and bought a small frame.

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