Saturday, August 29, 2009

End of the season update....

Welp, I go back to school next week and this past week is down to 9pm shifts and fewer artists at the booths. The crowds are predictably terrible which is a shame because in spite of going back to school and all I'm eager as heck to draw draw draw. Welp, at least I'm getting some fun drawings in in spite of the low guest turnout.

Probably one of my favorites.


Awesome folks who are family friends with Steve Silver and his brother. They wanted one of themselves camping and well, this is what I thought of.
Couple who told me to do whatever I wanted for the subject. So I did.


Fun drawing, and I didn't know anything about the logo he wanted me to add, weirdly.

This was a doozy.

I love the wistful look of the girl on the right.

Nice family whose kids artfully decided to clash with their parents theme, creating this bizarre (and very fun to draw) image.

I also love how Yoda turned out.

I love how the guy on the right turned out but I messed up the girl on the left a bit. Overall pretty fun.


Girl who wanted herself dancing Jazz. For some reason I thought of Fleischer brothers 'toons. I almost colored her in black and white too but figured it would look better this way.

Awesome Ma and kid who got 3 drawings from me. Here's the last one I did-star wars with big boobs. (She asked for that.)

Something I added to her drawing - she was the world record holder in the late 1970's (78 I think) for biggest bubblegum bubble.

Here's the drawing before I added that detail. She provided me with picture reference of her Hemi.

And of the kiddo with her, dirtbikin' like a pro.
All in all those two were probably my favorite customers all season - really nice people and a fun and interesting chat.

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